Courtyard Wineries
La Courette Wines
  • LaCourette Riesling
  • LaCourette Merlot
  • LaCourette Frontenac
  • LaCourette Vintner's Reserve Blanc
Barjo Bons Wines
  • Barjo Bons Dazzle
  • Barjo Bons Ruby's Rouge
  • Barjo Bons Radiance
  • Barjo Bons Crazy Cat
Courtyard Wineries
10021 West Main Road ( Rt. 20 )
North East, PA 16428
Phone: 814-725-0236
The area's newest winery offers a most unique experience - two distinct brands of fine wine, two separate tasting rooms, all in one location.

Courtyard's LaCourette line offers traditional selections that will pleasure the most discriminating palate. Their Barjo Bons line of unique blends is sure to create a fun atmosphere. Both brands deliver exceptional taste and distinctive quality.

Click, or visit Courtyard's new tasting rooms. Wine tasting and tours available.

So how did we arrive at two separate brands; two separate tasting rooms - all in one location ? Well, it started with a focus on your preferences and our desire to produce wines that not only please your palate, but consistently exceed your expectations.

Two brands provide greater choice for you.

We learned that there are many different approaches to enjoying wine. Some savor the subtle nuances delivered in traditional offerings made from traditional varietals such as Riesling, Merlot. Our LaCourette line appeals to the refined palate by exploring those traditional offerings. LaCourette makes an impressive statement. You'll know you have arrived when you enjoy it in the traditional setting of Courtyard's LaCourette tasting area.

Looking for something more unique? Barjo offers unique blends sure to get you noticed. Create that fun atmosphere with Barjo Bons. Dazzle your friends, emit a cool Radiance, or dare to put your evening in the saucy hands of Ruby's Rouge. Barjo Bons ( literally "Crazy Friends" ) brings you quality wines and fun times. Bring your friends and experience the casual sophistication of our Barjo Bons tasting area.

Two separate tasting areas - two unique experiences.

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Open 10 AM to 8 PM Mon. through Sat.; Noon to 5 PM Sun.